"Software development is like an endless puzzle game. I fucking love it."

~ Brian Edward Hicks

(unless you're offended by profanity. In which case, Jeff said this.)

The Team




XR Developer


Pretty Punchable Face

Jeff Caplan

Lead Writer / Business Consultant

Thinks He's Funny

Narrator: He isn't.

The Company

InnerLoop LLC is owned and operated by Brian Edward Hicks, an XR developer working with Unreal Engine 4 since 2016.

Brian is a member of Oculus Start and an Oculus Launch Pad 2019 alumnus. Valve was kind enough to offer him EV3 and DV Knuckles controllers back before they were public, and that made him feel special inside. He has a PS4 DevKit and hopes that one day he'll survive the rigorous process of porting a project to PSVR.

He mostly listens to Joywave and Glass Animals, because his tastes in music have gotten narrow and specific as he's aged. He doesn't drink anymore, unless you're talking about tea. He drinks WAY too much Earl Grey.

The History

InnerLoop LLC was originally a Virginia LLC focused on live events production. We provided live audio engineering and stage lighting services, primarily geared toward independent performing musicians.

This company was functionally abandoned just prior to my move to Seattle, although the legal entity was not dissolved until the close of 2018.

After changing careers to VR development, InnerLoop LLC was re-established as a Washington LLC. I just kept the name because I liked it and have a sentimental connection to it.

While previously working for Nomad Event Systems, I would often take the inner loop of I-495 (DC beltway) on my way home from work. The name InnerLoop actually has nothing to do loops in computer code, but rather symbolized a "way home" for me in my professional development.

The Opportunities

Do you want to work 80+ hours per week developing a product that almost no one will ever hear about or experience? Are you excited to work for no pay and survive solely off of hope and exposure? Do you want to risk your future by doing something totally unproven with zero safety net?

Yeah, us neither.

While we'd absolutely love to work with you and have you on our team, it's probably not a good call for either of us at this point. But if you're crazy enough to think this is an opportunity you're interested in, please do send me a message.

At the very least, I'm a gregarious guy who loves chatting about VR and emergent tech. Maybe we'll hit it off and create something cool together, then get rich selling it online. Probably not. But hey, maybe we won't starve to death. That's the goal, right?