a Unreal Engine 4 plugin featuring a library of 300+ Blueprint nodes for Oculus Platform functions


What this is:

  • ...the Oculus Platform SDK (v23) exposed from C++ to Blueprints as directly as possible.

  • ...or at least most of it.

  • ...client-side stuff only.

What this isn't:

  • ...an attempt to integrate the Oculus Platform SDK into existing UE4 systems. (e.g. Sessions)

  • ...an expansion, simplification, or explanation of the existing SDK.

  • ...completed. Some features have not been implemented yet.

This means you'll find blueprint nodes for the functions included in the Oculus Platform SDK, but that's pretty much it. Please refer to the Oculus Platform SDK and Oculus Platform Solutions pages for documentation and example usage. Please refer to the Unreal Engine 4 GitHub for links and resources related to UE4. Usage examples are included in the Examples folder.

For technical support, questions, comments, etc, please reach out on our Discord server.


  • Recommended Unreal Engine Version - 4.25.4-Oculus

  • Supported Unreal Engine Versions - 4.26, 4.25, 4.24, 4.23, 4.22, 4.21, 4.20 (limited support)

  • Platforms - Win64, Android (note: not tested on Android)

  • Oculus Platform SDK - 1.24 to v23

  • Plugins - OculusVR, OnlineSubsystemOculus
    (It is highly recommended to update to Oculus Platform SDK v23 to access all features and bug fixes.)
    (This plugin attempts to handle whichever Oculus Platform SDK is installed. Though 1.24+ is required.)


First, you'll need to grab the plugin from our GitHub repository. Then follow these steps.

(Optional) - Update Oculus Platform SDK to latest version (v23).

  1. Place the 'OculusPlatformBP' folder in 'Engine\Plugins\Marketplace' or your project's 'Plugins' folder

  2. Regenerate project files

  3. Compile engine

  4. Configure DefaultEngine.ini (instructions)

  5. Enable the OculusVR, OnlineSubsystemOculus, and OculusPlatformBP plugins in your project

  6. Check Oculus Entitlement

  7. Use OculusPlatformBP to do cool stuff

Updating the Oculus Platform SDK

(This is optional, but highly recommended in order to access all Oculus Platform SDK features and bugfixes)

  1. Download the latest Oculus Platform SDK

  2. In that zip file, go to the 'Windows' folder and copy 'LibOVRPlatform32_1.lib' and 'LibOVRPlatform64_1.lib' into the following folder within your engine directory: 'Engine\Source\ThirdParty\Oculus\LibOVRPlatform\LibOVRPlatform\lib' replacing the existing files.

  3. If you're building for Quest, copy the two folders from the 'Android\libs' directory of the zip file into that same engine directory.

  4. Copy the entire 'Include' folder from the zip file and replace the 'Engine\Source\ThirdParty\Oculus\LibOVRPlatform\LibOVRPlatform\include' folder.

  5. That's it. Regenerate project file. Then compile and you're good to go.


OculusPlatformBP Plugin by ItsNotMeTrustMe (Brian Edward Hicks) of InnerLoop LLC, 2020

This plugin was not created by, or in partnership with, Oculus or Epic Games (which are trademarks of their respective entities).

No guarantees are made about anything. Use at your own risk.

Please drink responsibly.